Audiometric SLOT

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<<< 1st phase of a hearing-impaired person support plan >>>

Audiometric SLOT is a SLOT type variable frequency voice generating equipment & audiometer.

A present-day person is said for there to be many hearing loss and people of tinnitus.

surrounding people are talking ordinarily -- "only I cannot be heard", "only I being delayed in reaction", and .......

"Audiometric SLOT" which can do audiometry always anywhere easily at such time

【免費健康App】Audiometric SLOT-APP點子

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- The sound of the specified frequency can be generated.

- The specification of frequency can perform the direct entry by a keyboard, or the selection input from a preset list.

- A preset value can be changed.

- The range of frequency which can be set up is from 1 Hz to 20000 Hz.

【免費健康App】Audiometric SLOT-APP點子

- Although it assumes using it as an audiometer, since operation of that is variable frequency voice generating equipment, it is applicable to various things, such as tinnitus preventive measures, tuning, pest control, and crime prevention alarm.

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