Aurorae is simple tool for aurora hunters.

It shows the following information:

- Current statistical aurora oval


- Current weather (Celsius and Fahrenheit supported)

- Current Moon phase

- Aurora forecast image based on your geoposition

- Geomagnetic forecast for the next 12 hours in 3-hour intervals including weather forecast


- Aurora probabilities including weather forecast for today and the following two days

- Sunrise and sunset times

- Aurora forecast summary from the University of Alaska Fairbanks

- Today's Space Weather Prediction Center alerts and warnings.


Aurorae uses geoposition for getting correct images to the user interface. It also updates the interplanetary Kp Index to the LiveTile and shows whether the geomagnetic activity is quiet, unsettled or stormy.

Version update:

- Cloudiness added


- Support for Finnish language

- Bug and stability fixes


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