Auto Conference Call™

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**** new with PRO version: start a call as chairperson! ******

Are there in your calendar conference call requests with a number ID to be entered?

Have you ever tried to participate in a conference call when you are driving your car?

NOW you can use this simple yet powerful app to join in a conference call with very big graphics and voice speech !!

Download and start this app, you will be able to modify the bridge number to join the conference.

This application starts your conference showing a notification for each call in your calendar trying to find a PIN number inside the title, the description or in the location fields.

It will show up a panel from which you will able to select the right PIN number from the ones found, and then to start the call and all with one hand!

It will assume that your bridge uses a phone number followed by 123456789# PIN format.

Please continue to read if you need to modify this behaviour.

You can see all the imported entries (up to two days) and you can start them (it shows also the passed conferences to join later ).

Usage :

☆ - start the app

☆ - you will see all the imported entries

【免費通訊App】Auto Conference Call™-APP點子

☆ - you can select and start the call


☆ - optionally you can tap on Settings

☆ - choose the refresh interval or update your bridge number if needed

☆ - Tap on Confirm to save and close the app.

A notification will advice you 5 minutes before any conference.

- Tap on the notification and use the search to select the right PIN.

- Tap on the phone button to start the call.

How to use different vendors

How and why modify the format?

【免費通訊App】Auto Conference Call™-APP點子

If the recognized format is different you can modify it.

Going to the Settings pane the format field shows a string where the comma is a pause and PIN is the ID of the call found during the search.

As default you get ,,,PIN# : it waits a little after starting the call and then it sends the ID followed by the #.

The new chair function allow to start the call as the call leader.

【免費通訊App】Auto Conference Call™-APP點子

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