Auto Ringer Schedule

【免費通訊App】Auto Ringer Schedule-APP點子

Ever get embarrassed at a company meeting when your cell phone unexpectedly goes off? Set your phone to Ring/Mute/Vibrate or ring vibrate combined mode based on your time preference.


Scheduling types:

* Daily basis: mode is activated based on selected day(s) of the week

* Specific time: mode is activated at a specific time


- Set end time to disable silent/ring/vibrate mode.

- Nice big and easy to use numbers.

Switchable modes:

【免費通訊App】Auto Ringer Schedule-APP點子

* Silent

* vibration

* ring

* ring with vibration

Are you bore with manual phone setting vibrate, Normal, Silent, Airplane Mode, let's try small and pretty Apps" Auto Ringer Schedule " for the setting phone mode automatic according to time scheduled set by you. Makes life easy. By using Auto Ringer Schedule you can schedule your ringtone at any time as your wish.

Auto Ringer Schedule is a helpful application to enable silent or ring mode at a certain time. It is very useful for scenarios where you go to a movie or meeting and forget to turn off your silent mode afterwards. Auto Ringer Schedule runs in background, so once you setup your tasks, you won't need to reschedule them manually, everything is done automatically. Auto Ringer Schedule allows you to schedule a ringer mode for your Android Phone. You won't be disturbed at night due to a notification or a phone call anymore !

Have you ever embarrassed because phone ring tones? Right here, here is a cool item that rescues you in embarrassing. You can schedule to have your device to go into silent mode automatically at a specific time

You can schedule your phone to stay in silent mode during your meeting hours and while you are sleeping. This application will automatically turn the ringer ON when you are done with your meeting schedule and when you are awake. So, No regret of keeping the mobile silent for a whole day and there will be No missing of any calls due to keeping the phone silent by mistake. So, just set the schedule and let the app do the work for you.

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