Auto SMS upon your arrival

【免費通訊App】Auto SMS upon your arrival-APP點子

Upon arrival at the location that has been set, SMS that has been set is sent automatically. Such as when you are driving a car, for example, you can automatically notify your arrival without releasing your hand. In addition, SMS that has been set at a time can be reset easily.

For example, you may like this.

・When you arrived at the location you chose on the way home, "I am now 〇〇.. Soon I got home!" can be sent automatically.

【免費通訊App】Auto SMS upon your arrival-APP點子

・When you have arrived at the destination, "I've just arrived!" is sent automatically.

【免費通訊App】Auto SMS upon your arrival-APP點子

・You can automatically send on arrival a message that was set over the course of the work and travel.

It's easy to use

①Select a location by tapping the map.

【免費通訊App】Auto SMS upon your arrival-APP點子

②Create SMS

【免費通訊App】Auto SMS upon your arrival-APP點子

③Set of transmission

You can also set multiple SMS at the same time.

Location is retrieved using the GPS (High accuracy) or wireless networks (coarse location by using either WiFi or GSM tower). In the case of both ON, this app will try to get by using the GPS for the first time. If the location can not be acquired by GPS, wireless network will be used. For this reason, it will not work in the case of both OFF. Also, it will not work if you are out of service area.

Under some circumstances to have to use the wireless networks even when GPS is on, the error range of the current location may increase.

In order to reduce battery consumption, if the distance between the current location and the location that you set is large, acquisition of location update frequency is low.

When the screen of the mobile is off, this app will automatically turn on the screen temporarily for the acquisition of location using a wireless network. At the same time, guide that is in the process of acquiring location is displayed to the user. However, some mobile to acquire without lighting the screen.

In order to be able to select a destination from your contacts when you create the SMS, this app has access to your contacts.

In order to implement the functionality of the above, we have set the required permissions.

【免費通訊App】Auto SMS upon your arrival-APP點子

【免費通訊App】Auto SMS upon your arrival-APP點子

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