Auto Text Aid

【免費通訊App】Auto Text Aid-APP點子

This is a great messaging app for people who are driving, in a meeting or just too busy to text. This app allows you to text on the go.

It features a setting to preset an outgoing message to respond to all incoming text until disabled. (great for driving or if in a meetings etc)

You can listen to all incoming texts aloud by pushing the play text button

【免費通訊App】Auto Text Aid-APP點子

You can also send messages by pushing the speech button and speak your message then pick a contact to send.

you can also make calls by pushing the call button and picking your contact.

You must have TTS (Text To Speech) enabled. If your android uploader is lower than v1.5 you will have to download one from the market which is free.

【免費通訊App】Auto Text Aid-APP點子

If above v1.5 it will be pre installed and you will just have to enable it.

It comes with a voice pre installed but its not very clear you may want to download a better text to speech voice off the market most are free

【免費通訊App】Auto Text Aid-APP點子

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