Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II

【免費通訊App】Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II-APP點子

Track the performance of your vehicle in real time. Troubleshoot malfunctions by accessing the on board computer and much more.


* Customisable gauges with real time feedback.

【免費通訊App】Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II-APP點子

* Read and Clear trouble codes like a scan tool and reset MIL light.

* Receive sound and pop-up warnings on high coolant/oil temperatures (if car supports the pids).

* Instant and average mpg or km/l tracking for 5 min, 30 min and 2 hour intervals.

【免費通訊App】Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II-APP點子

* Metric and Imperial measures.

* download freeze frame data.

* Emissions test readiness readings.

【免費通訊App】Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II-APP點子

* Real-time user-defined sensor plotting.

* Console mode for scanning custom pids.

* Plot 2 sensors at the same time.

【免費通訊App】Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II-APP點子

* Choose from 30+ different sensors to track in real time. (Including O2 voltage and fuel % trim sensors)

* HUD (heads up display) mode for night time driving available for dashboard gauges.

* Landscape mode for gauges and graph.

【免費通訊App】Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II-APP點子

* Landscape mode for mpg tracking.

* Supports all ELM327 protocols. protocol is set to automatic by default and can be modified from the settings.

and much more.

【免費通訊App】Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II-APP點子

Note: Compatible with Bluetooth ELM327 obd-ii adapters (required)

For optimal performance, a good quality Bluetooth adapter such as PLX Kiwi is recommended.

ATTENTION: Use this app responsibly. The developers of this app will not be held responsible for any damages to your vehicle as a result of negligible usage of Auto-Scan

【免費通訊App】Auto-scan OBD2 OBD-II-APP點子

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