Update 1.1.3

- Added AGX Analytics - trend fuel economy over time, record city/highway miles, and record your engine's RPM history

- Added data logging - save log files and upload them to your SkyDrive for editing in Excel, or plot the data right in the app with a custom chart

- Other improvements to connectivity, reading trouble codes, and usability


Update 1.1.2

- Added support for other OBD2 Bluetooth Devices. You can now select your OBD2 device from a list of paired devices

- Added Functionality to MPG/KPL chart

- Curious what an extra 5 mph/kph does to your fuel


economy? See the effects live

- Tap and hold on the chart to pan and zoom the


- Tap and hold will also show a popup with the raw



Update 1.1.0

- Added support for Metric Units

- Connectivity improvements

- Additional minor updates

AutoGaugeX reads your car's sensor data and displays it on your WindowsPhone. Using an OBD2 Bluetooth adapter, you can monitor your vehicles sensors in real time on sleek gauges designed only for the WindowsPhone.


AutoGaugeX also reads your check engine light and trouble codes. If codes are found, you can simply tap the code to learn more about it.

LiveTile Support - LiveTile displays a summary of your trip including your average MPH, max speed, and max throttle.

Features Include:


- Read sensors such O2 sensors, MAF Sensor, Engine Coolant, RPM, etc etc

- Instant and Average MPG graphical display (paid version)

- Read and Reset Trouble Codes (paid version)

- Trouble Codes are linked to informational sites describing the code

- Safe Driver Mode Option: Blacks out your screen while your vehicle is moving to discourage you from using the phone while driving

- LiveTile showing details of your trip


- Built-in vehicle history report - great when shopping for used cars


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