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The truth is that a mountain peak in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park of China, which inspired Golden Globes Best Director winner James Cameron for his famous blockbuster Avatar. The mountain peak is called “Nan Tian Yi Zhu” in Chinese, it means south pillar of the heaven.

The mountain peak has another name nowadays that is Hallelujah Mountain.

【免費音樂App】Avatar Songs 阿凡达山歌-APP點子

This application may have proved the relationship between Avatar’s Hallelujah Mountain and Nan Tian Yi Zhu by some real photos.

The interesting thing is that the songs singing by the original inhabitants of the Hallelujah Mountain, is very unique, is very nice and some maybe are very primeval. The song’s styles I promise you may have never heard before.

This application is developed by Xuefeng Tian who was born in the mountains and now staying in Singapore.

Hope you may enjoy these songs and the sceneries of Hallelujah Mountain after you installed this application.

The Hallelujah Mountain is located at Zhangjiajie City, Hunan Province of China; most people in the city are belonging to Tujia and Miao minority. When you have time welcome you to visit there.

张家界的南天一柱给了阿凡达这个大片的导演很多灵感, 这已经是不争的事实, 这个程序里面的几张照片更是证明了这一点。而更令人感兴趣的是, 通过这个程序您也可以听到那里当地的土家族和苗族人们唱的一些歌曲, 这些歌曲美妙动听、清新独特, 听了之后有那种余音缭绕、三日不绝的感觉。其中的一首歌曲更是被著名的湘西籍歌手宋祖英带到了维亚纳音乐殿堂。

这个程序是由出生在张家界, 现在居住在新加坡的田雪峰开发设计, 并发行到世界任何一个有Android手机的地方, 以此来宣传家乡与支持家乡。希望得到您的支持, 也希望您喜欢。

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