Voice Notify announces status bar notification messages using Text-To-Speech (TTS) so you don't need to look at the screen to know what a notification says.


*Optionally read toast notifications (Android 3.0+)

*Widget to suspend AV

*Customizable TTS message

*Ignore specific apps or notifications containing defined text

*Choice of TTS audio stream

*Choice of speaking when screen or headset is on or off, or while in silent/vibrate mode

(Note: Due to API limitations, a headset that is connected when the AV service starts will need to be reconnected for AV to see the current state; also all Bluetooth devices are detected the same, headset or not)

*Quiet Time


*Custom delay of TTS after notification

*Repeat notifications at custom interval while screen off

*Notification log


*Post a test notification


Bluetooth - Required to detect whether Bluetooth headset is connected.

Vibrate - Required for Test option while in vibrate mode on Android 4.2+.

Modify Audio Settings - Required for improved wired headset detection on Android 2.0+.

AV operates through Android's Accessibility service and must be enabled in the Accessibility settings.

Shortcuts are provided in the configuration screen to open the Accessibility and TTS settings.

While AV uses the Accessibility service, it is intended to be a convenience tool and not an accessibility tool.

The Accessibility service will give a warning that AV may be able to collect personal data. This is because Accessibility doesn't know what or how data passing through it is used by enabled apps. AV only uses Accessibility to read notification text which is passed directly to TTS and temporary memory (for the notification log). The TTS engine, outside the control of AV, may also use spoken text for other purposes.


Be aware of the accessibility apps that are enabled when you enable AV! If the behavior of system UI changes, it is most likely caused by other accessibility apps that were enabled when AV/Accessibility was turned on. If you believe this is not the case and AV is causing issues for you, please contact me.


Behavior of audio streams may vary by device or Android version, so I advise doing your own testing to determine which stream is right for you. The Media stream (default) should be good for most people.


AV is based on the open source under the Apache License. https://github.com/pilot51/voicenotify


I am not responsible for the notifications that are announced. It is up to you to use the features provided, or not use AV, to prevent unwanted announcing of notifications.

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