Avon-Rubber Investor Relations

【免費商業App】Avon-Rubber Investor Relations-APP點子

The Avon-Rubber Investor Relations gives you all the latest investor and financial media information you need in an Android-optimized App.

The App allows you to get the latest stock price information and corporate news as well as review financial reports and presentations and corporate videos both online and offline.

Features include:

• Content available online and offline

【免費商業App】Avon-Rubber Investor Relations-APP點子

• Up to the minute stock price display

• Latest regulatory news

【免費商業App】Avon-Rubber Investor Relations-APP點子

• Document library with download management facility

• Multimedia library with download management facility

【免費商業App】Avon-Rubber Investor Relations-APP點子

• Management page

• Stock price table

The Avon-Rubber Investor Relations will be updated with the latest financial information at the same time as the corporate website.

To discover more, download it for free from the Play store.

【免費商業App】Avon-Rubber Investor Relations-APP點子

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