Away SMS

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This app promotes No Texting While Driving!

This app is Free and Open Source!

Away SMS is an application that will automatically reply to the sender of an incoming text message. All you need to do is open the app and that's it!

You can change the message that is sent and save it for future use. It will automatically be loaded upon reopening the app.

The app will also speak the number or contact name of the sender as well as the body of message! You can toggle which services you would like on.

Also included is a Messages shortcut and a Close App button. This app can run in the background but be wary of task killers and Android's built in RAM manager if using many apps at once.

This is meant to be opened and the phone screen to be turned off. Convenient when driving, in class, work, or any other activity as the message can be edited.

I spent a lot or time and effort on this app and I believe the price is a fair donation. But the great thing about Android is that it is Free and Open Source. Like this app!

Source Code is located at

(App will be ahead of source for a limited amount of time)

App is under GNU 3 and CC Share A Like Licenses. Meaning its free to use and modify as long as you share your work like I have!

Many features coming in the future!

【免費工具App】Away SMS-APP點子

- Auto send text on calls!

- Speak Last Message Received!

- Include intersection location (On Lincoln and Main St) in auto reply! Good for those driving and to share how close you are until you get there!

Project was built as a Loyola University Chicago Project. I am the author and wish to further update my work.

Thanks to Google, Hello Android, Professor William Honig, and my fellow students for their feedback.

For Higher Resolution Phones.

Testing on Galaxy Nexus GSM and Samsung Galaxy SIII.

Please email any issues.

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