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【免費個人化App】Awesome Box-APP點子

Awesome Box is a toolbox collection with currently 18 very useful applications, the applications include:

• CNN News: The worldwide leader in news, you can get the latest news anytime you want it.

• Date Difference: Allows you the calculate the difference timeframe between 2 dates

【免費個人化App】Awesome Box-APP點子

• Days Until: Remember your significant others’ days

• Dog Clicker: The most effective tool to train your dog

• Fake Call: Sometimes we all want to tell a white lie

【免費個人化App】Awesome Box-APP點子

• Flashlight: Turn your phone into a lighter, light up your way

• Google+: Connect with the whole world using Google’s social network

• Emergency Call: In case of emergency, it is so powerful

【免費個人化App】Awesome Box-APP點子

• Loan Calculator: Calculate your loans and provide suggestions

• Locator: Can’t find where you are now? This helps you to locate your position

• Price Checker: Find out the hottest discounts

【免費個人化App】Awesome Box-APP點子

• Reaction Time: Test your finger speed

• Ruler: Turn your phone into a physical ruler

• Stopwatch: A real stopwatch with start, stop/pause, lap and reset functions

【免費個人化App】Awesome Box-APP點子

• Tally: counting is also so interesting

• Tip Calculator: Pay your bill wisely

• Trader Clock: World clock especially designed for traders and travelers

【免費個人化App】Awesome Box-APP點子

• YouTube: Share your videos everywhere

And Awesome Box is not just about the above applications, we are currently integrating more awesome and amazing applications into it. Moreover, more applications will be integrated to Awesome Box and you can get them with the free update.

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