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This application is one of the B2 Sports Sports Training and Skill Development Apps. Fast-Pitch Softball Chapter 2: Powerline Checkpoints for fastpitch pitching.

Sarah Pauly will show the timing check points for proper body position throughout the pitching motion. The fluid flow of the arms, legs, hips, shoulders, and torso are pointed out in this app.

Rick and Sarah Pauly, two softball pitching professionals present to you the highest level of fastpitch pitching knowledge. Their information is based on years of experience pitching and playing the game of fastpitch combined with exhaustive research relative to the physics that affect the flight of the ball and the biomechanics that work with the laws of physics.

【免費運動App】B2 Softball FP2- Powerline-APP點子

As you will see they have analyzed the fastpitch pitching motion using high speed cameras to understand what is really happening during the entire pitching motion.

Rick and Sarah will steer you clear of the many myths and poor techniques being taught in the pitching community. They are dedicated to defining sound and safe pitching mechanics that allow young pitchers to reach their top potential.

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