BAMF HotSpot Widget

【免費工具App】BAMF HotSpot Widget-APP點子

* This toggle will work on most phone/tablets running Android 2.3 and later.

* The network SSID and hotspot security can both be modified after tethering is enabled from touching notification in the status bar or going into the hotspot settings in Wireless & networks under Settings

* If it does not work on your phone/tablet, please send me a report; do not rate it low.

1. This is a widget and not an application so you will not find it in your app drawer.

【免費工具App】BAMF HotSpot Widget-APP點子

2. It will function on any launcher

3. This toggle will turn on/off built in tethering services, it does not provide tethering services

4. This is compatible with HTC phones and paid tethering services through Verizon (you must pay for the service; this is only a toggle)

5. This will work on ICS and the Galaxy Nexus

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免費玩BAMF HotSpot Widget App

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