BCT Coin Wallet

【免費財經App】BCT Coin Wallet-APP點子

Now you can have access to your BCT Coins by using the new BCT Coin Mobile Wallet App based on the release by Micah Macleans!


- Instant access to your BCT Coins from any browser, tablet or smartphone

- No need to download, run & sync desktop wallet client.

- Quickly deposit, send & request BCT Coins.

【免費財經App】BCT Coin Wallet-APP點子

A revolutionary crypto currency, the BCT Coin is developed chiefly to support the much deserved charitable institutions, reward ever helpful Bitcoin Talk community members and facilitate others in need of financial aid to earn impartially through crypto currency mining.

*Do not store large amounts of BCT Coins in your Online Wallet. Your desktop BCT Coin client is the safest place to keep your stash.*

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