BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)

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BEST (Before Exam Subject Trainer) Statistics quiz is practice and test app for college students.

Statistics Quiz app helps you to learn statistics with fun and test your knowledge for hours on end!

BEST Statistics Quiz ( Pro )

1. Topic Covered:

Descriptive Statistics

【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子


【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子

Probability Distribution

【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子

Hypothesis Testing

【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子

Interval Estimation

【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子

Regression Analysis

【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子

Design of Experiment

【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子

Statistical Quality Control

2. Practice:

Practice mode provides easy way for student to select any topic listed above to start with practice session. Student can select multiple topics too.

All questions are randomly selected and displayed.

How to Use it

Select any category and click on Start Practice to test your knowledge of subject.

Its multiple choice quiz app having questions and for each question 4 choices to select correct answer. Click on correct answer and move next.

It will show message as 'Answer is correct' or 'Answer is wrong' along with time taken to complete this question.

If answer is wrong then app will show correct answer marked on choice list.

【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子

Navigate to other question with next/ previous button or use finger to slide.

3. Test

Test mode gives student to test his skill on topic learnt in practice session.

In Test mode, student has to select any category to begin with quiz and finish it within timer set.

At the end of quiz completion, it will show ‘Report’ card. To review your answers, click on (eye image).

4. Features

A) Report - After finishing all questions, app shows Report card for all questions attempted with detailed analysis.

It has 3 different types for reporting

1) Current - It shows current quiz completed report card. It have parameters like Accuracy, Grade, Total question attempted, Correct, Wrong, Time Taken and Trophy.

2) Category - It shows detailed level of analysis of quiz taken by student on multiple categories.

3) Advice - It gives advice if student perform poor in quiz in any of the categories.

B) Offline Mode – App doesn’t need internet connection for its working. Student can use this quiz app in offline mode. In case, if you want to send feedback from app, you need internet connection.

5. App Options

App top menu have below options:

Overall Report – Provides detailed level of analysis and show report.

【免費教育App】BEST Statistics Quiz (Pro)-APP點子

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