BG: Ghost Ops

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Play the newest game in the Block Gun 3D franchise! The ultra fun first person survival shooters!!

Like Minecraft? Like Pixel Gun? Like fun first person shooter games with colorful block world style graphics and tight controls? Want to cleanse the world of terrorist scum and their nefarious plot to launch a nuclear warhead into the block world? Block Gun 3D: Ghost Ops is the fps game for you!

【免費動作App】BG: Ghost Ops-APP點子

*** SURVIVE ***

As the top agent of the elite Ghost Ops team, you find yourself on a small uncharted island. Terrorists have set up base and are plotting a nuclear strike! You must hold them off for as long as possible and protect yourself and the world with your wits, quick reflexes and any weapon you can find! The fate of the world rests on your shoulders! Do you have what it takes?

【免費動作App】BG: Ghost Ops-APP點子


Defeat your foes with precision! The enemies will explode into a pile of colorful blocks! Collect the blocks and use them to craft upgrades and forge new weapons! These upgrades will give you a leg up on your enemy!

【免費動作App】BG: Ghost Ops-APP點子


Upgrade your standard issue automatic weapon or unlock the RPG! Take out foes with one shot using the coveted Golden Gun! (More weapons to come!)

【免費動作App】BG: Ghost Ops-APP點子


Note: Block Gun 3D is not affiliated with Mojang or Minecraft.

【免費動作App】BG: Ghost Ops-APP點子

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