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【免費醫療App】BMJ Portfolio mobile-APP點子

BMJ Portfolio allows you to add new items to your BMJ Portfolio, and track your CPD / CME from your phone. It complements the full web version of BMJ Portfolio, which helps you plan, record and report on your continuing professional development at (


You can add details of events you have attended, articles you've read, or reminders of learning you want to do at a later date.

You can also review the learning you've already recorded. Any modules you've taken on BMJ Learning (

【免費醫療App】BMJ Portfolio mobile-APP點子

) are added automatically.

The app allows you to:

- View items from your portfolio and keep track of CPD hours or credits that you've earned

- Add new items to your BMJ Portfolio

【免費醫療App】BMJ Portfolio mobile-APP點子

- Make additional notes when you add an item

- Add photos to new items, either from your phone's camera or from a photo album on your phone

- Give feedback to help us develop future versions of the app.

The current version of the app is designed to be used alongside the fully featured web version. It allows you to add new entries and view existing entries in your portfolio, but not edit existing entries.

If you need a report of your learning for an appraisal, revalidation, or maintenance of certification you can go to (

【免費醫療App】BMJ Portfolio mobile-APP點子

) and export a spreadsheet or PDF of all the data in your portfolio.

【免費醫療App】BMJ Portfolio mobile-APP點子

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