BNH Wellness Tracker

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BNH Wellness Tracker is the perfect partner to wellness – helping you to hone in on where you are with your health and keep you on track. You’ll love its easy to use features such as daily health habits score, symptom tracker, health reminders and recipes.

Designed by leading Australian naturopath Katherine Maslen, BNH Wellness Tracker offers real advice from a qualified health professional that will help you to get well and stay well.

Download BNH Wellness Tracker now and start using it’s helpful features, which include:

Heath Habits Survey

【免費健康App】BNH Wellness Tracker-APP點子

Check how healthy you’ve been each day based on diet and lifestyle habits, then compare to other days in our unique graph feature.

Symptom Score

【免費健康App】BNH Wellness Tracker-APP點子

Check your daily symptom score to assess and keep track of how many symptoms you experience, and then compare then to other days.

Health Reminders

【免費健康App】BNH Wellness Tracker-APP點子

Set up reminders to drink water, stretch, take your supplements and more!

Daily Health Tips

【免費健康App】BNH Wellness Tracker-APP點子

Get a health tip each day that you can use in your life right away! Plus you can share the tip on social media.

Healthy Recipes

【免費健康App】BNH Wellness Tracker-APP點子

A collection of healthy recipes from our naturopath that you’ll love. Plus we’ll add more with future updates!


【免費健康App】BNH Wellness Tracker-APP點子

Quickly see what your health habits and symptom score have been, and look at your reminder schedule in one place.

Export Data

You can export your health habits score and your symptoms to yourself or your health practitioner via email.

What are you waiting for? Download BNH Wellness Tracker now for awesome health outcomes.

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