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New Zealand's best mobile app lets you bank on the move quickly and easily. If you're not already with BNZ it's simple to join from within the app.

Voted number one by kiwis in the NetGuide 2013 Web Awards, BNZ's Mobile Banking app means you can do your banking wherever you are. Add payees, see and search your account transactions, pay for Trade Me items by linking your Trade Me account and top up any Vodafone or 2degrees prepaid mobile. Want to see your balances at a glance? You can choose to set instant balances to see your account balances without needing to log in.

Move your money simply by dragging and dropping from one account to another. The handy quick-pay bar shows your most popular payees to help take the hassle out of bill paying. It's easy to personalise your accounts by giving them nicknames and adding photos.

If you're a YouMoney customer, you can open accounts within the app, and set goals to help motivate you to get saving. Learn more about YouMoney by visiting


【免費財經App】BNZ Mobile-APP點子

• Activating Mobile NetGuard means you can login with only your internet banking password and it's also super safe thanks to 128-bit encryption and lock-out and time-out safeguards.

• You can help with security by always updating your phone to the latest version of Android and logging out as soon as you've finished your banking. You should never store your BNZ access number, password or NetGuard coordinates on your device in any form.

Get going now:

• If you're a BNZ Personal Internet Banking customer, simply install this app and get going. You can learn more about YouMoney by visiting

• If you're not already a Personal Internet Banking customer, download the app now, then register for Internet Banking by going to, or calling 0800 999 269 or +64 4 494 7153 from overseas (international toll charges apply). It's easy.

【免費財經App】BNZ Mobile-APP點子

To learn more:

• Visit

• You can:

- login with only your internet banking password (provided Mobile NetGuard is activated)

- personalise your accounts with photos

【免費財經App】BNZ Mobile-APP點子

- quickly pay for Trade Me items you've won by linking your Trade Me account to the app.

- set up Instant Balances so you can see account balances without logging in (provided Mobile NetGuard is activated)

- check your balances and available funds

- see details of your transactions for the last 30 days

- quickly transfer money between your accounts

【免費財經App】BNZ Mobile-APP點子

- pay your bills or credit card

- add and edit payees

- make one-off payments

- view or delete your upcoming payments

- top up any Vodafone or 2degrees prepaid mobile

【免費財經App】BNZ Mobile-APP點子

- drag and drop money between your accounts

- choose to look at your accounts in either list or icon view

• Includes a handy BNZ store and ATM locator, and list of key BNZ phone numbers

• If you have YouMoney you can also:

- open additional accounts from within the app

【免費財經App】BNZ Mobile-APP點子

- set goals for your accounts and see your progress

【免費財經App】BNZ Mobile-APP點子

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