BUCA: Business Card Manager

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

BUCA is a contact and relationship management solution for harnessing the power of a live experience. It’s a business card reader that integrates paper cards with digital profiles, and it’s the only business card app to offer digital business card exchange and cloud backup for real-time profile updates.


1. Take a snapshot of a business card that will be transcribed by a real person;

2. Use the BUCADEX of publicly-shared BUCA profiles to connect with someone around the corner or around the world; and

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

3. Search for BUCA users nearby and exchange digital business cards.


* Real people transcribing your paper business cards to ensure accuracy,

* Two-sided scanning using your mobile device’s camera,

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

* View card images pending transcription,

* Create digital business cards for new contacts,

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

* Quickly add one or several digital business cards from people around you,

* Access to the global BUCADEX of profiles to add to your contacts,

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

* Capacity for 35 contacts,

* Real-time profile updates from cloud-based system,

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

* CRM tools: Send and receive personal notes, assign tags for grouping contacts, send mass emails and texts, link contacts with their social media profiles and two free scrolling ticker credits,

* Export contacts to an existing contacts manager.


The following premium features may be added as in-app purchases to customize BUCA according to your needs:

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

* Connect up to five MyBUCA accounts together so you can control your personal and business BUCA profiles from one place,

* Add capacity for up to 5,035 contacts (if you’re a super-user and need to add more than that, please send us a message and we’ll gladly work with you),

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

* Add scrolling ticker credits to provide real-time messages to your contacts. The most recent message will appear at the top of your contacts’ Ticker Board to get all the latest news, coupons and information,

* Get the Full App and save: The Full App allows you to connect up to five MyBUCA accounts, gives you the capacity for 5,035 contacts and adds 200 ticker credits to your account.


BUCA comes with all the basic features for FREE! Add the custom features for a reasonable price when you need them. We’re providing a workable solution to your contacts management needs without breaking the bank.

BUCA loves supporting non-profit organizations. If you own or work full time for a non-profit, please contact us for free or discounted custom upgrades.

Let BUCA help you clean up the clutter and network more effectively. Start using BUCA now for FREE!


* Apple devices running iOS 7.0 or higher,

【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

* Android devices running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich or higher.

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【免費商業App】BUCA: Business Card Manager-APP點子

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