BX Power: battery saver

【免費工具App】BX Power: battery saver-APP點子

BX Power is a novel power saver that controls your WiFi and mobile data connections in order to conserve battery power, save on your mobile data plan, and improve the overall Internet experience.

BX Power will automatically turn on Internet connection only when you need it. When your device screen is off, or when you are on a long phone call, BX Power will safely shut down your Internet connection. However, even when the screen is off, BX Power will periodically check for new e-mails and let music streaming applications play smoothly. It will also let all background downloads to finish before disconnecting from the Internet.

The application is completely free of charge and ad-free, because it is a research project under BX Labs, http://www.bx-labs.com/

=== Features ===

* Works with almost all Android versions (tested on popular Android 2.3 - 4.4 phones)

* Automatically controls the WiFi and Mobile Data connections (no need for manual control)

【免費工具App】BX Power: battery saver-APP點子

* Supports periodic synchronization through WiFi / Mobile Data / Both

* Supports "Night mode" - no synchronization during sleep

* Supports background music streaming (e.g. Spotify, Google Play Music, podcasts)

* Lets background downloads to finish safely

【免費工具App】BX Power: battery saver-APP點子

* Supports saving battery on long phone talks

* Supports 2G / 3G / 4G mobile connections (e.g. LTE, HSPA, EDGE)

* Quickly disables WiFi if not available or no IP connectivity

* Quickly disables mobile data if not used

【免費工具App】BX Power: battery saver-APP點子

* Uses sensors to detect user mobility (*)

* Supports airplane mode, roaming and tethering

* Can start automatically with device boot

* Simple to use - no configuration required

【免費工具App】BX Power: battery saver-APP點子

* Completely free of charge, no ads

(*) Mobility detection is optional, requires latest Google Play Services and high-accuracy Location to be enabled in Device Settings.

【免費工具App】BX Power: battery saver-APP點子

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