BabelDovah - Skyrim Translator

【免費書籍App】BabelDovah - Skyrim Translator-APP點子

When in Skyrim, do as the Dovah do.

An app for Dovah <-> English translation.

Can be installed onto SD card.

Want to know what that Draugr said when he taunted you? Want to know what the names of dragon priests mean? Been wondering what Troll Face is in Dovah? Want to hold a tinvaak with your friends? If so, you're gonna love this.

This app uses the bank of words from Elder Scrolls Wiki's "Dragon Language" page, along with the grammar rules (such as plurals) described there, to translate (most) text from Dovah to English, and back.

【免費書籍App】BabelDovah - Skyrim Translator-APP點子

To make it easier to translate things, I implemented the Levenshtein distance algorithm, which autocorrects the input to the dictionary words. It's useful for times when you want to write the word iiz, but remember it as iz. The app will correct it to iiz, and translate it. For other times, when a word you input doesn't have an entry in the word bank, the autocorrection algorithm gives an illusion of knowing the word, when really it just translates a similar word.

If you want a perfect translation, you might want to turn that off through the settings menu.

On to how to use it!

Type something into the field, and hopefully it'll translate without problems or warnings. Otherwise, touch the button that appears in the lower left corner to find out what happened. Either it autocorrected something or just couldn't find a word close enough.

You can now copy the result to the clipboard by holding down the output text and touching copy.

Also try translating more... poetic things to Dovah. That's what the language was created for. Anyways, enjoy!

Coded with love by Dmitry Narkevich.

If you have a problem with it or a suggestion for a feature, send me an email before giving 0 stars.

Skyrim is a registered trademark of Bethesda Softworks.

【免費書籍App】BabelDovah - Skyrim Translator-APP點子

All rights reserved by respective content owners.

This application is released "As-is", no warranty, etc.


(ps: hi reddit.)

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