Baby Feeding (Breast Feeding)

【免費健康App】Baby Feeding (Breast Feeding)-APP點子

With "Baby Feeding" you can keep account of your daily feeding rhythm fast and easily. The application allows you to record feedings and distinguish between the left and right side as well as a custom type of feeding (e.g. for bottle-feedings).

The Application is separated into two parts:

1. The starting page "New" for creating new feedings and for visualizing current statistics

2. The overview page "History" for displaying the complete list of recorded feedings

- While recording a feeding the current duration is displayed

- If there is a previous feeding the average duration of a feeding is shown, too

- The count and the total duration of feedings for the current day is shown on the according button

- Between feedings on the clock you can see the elapsed time since the last feeding and an estimated time in the future for the next feeding (in case there are enough feedings for an estimation)

- You can find all recorded feedings in the history, as well as the pauses between feedings

Icon explanation:

Page "New" (not recording feeding):

【免費健康App】Baby Feeding (Breast Feeding)-APP點子

- milk icon with colored background and dark border: last feeding

- milk icon with light gray background: estimated next feeding (not yet reached)

- milk icon with dark gray background: estimated next feeding (exceeded)

Page "New" (while recording feeding):

- milk icon with colored background: current time (feeding duration)

- circle with light gray background: estimated end of current feeding (not yet reached)

- circle with colored background: estimated end of current feeding (exceeded)

Page "History":

- feedings of the current day have icons with strong colors, older feedings have icons with lighter colors

- feedings can be edited by touching them

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