Baby Food Diary

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When your baby starts his solids, nothing is more important than being able to log what he's eaten, when he's eaten it and what, if any, reactions he has to the food you're giving him. Baby Food Diary makes this arduous task easy and uncomplicated.

- Track meals and reactions by date, time and quantity.

- Search by food item to see when you introduced a new food, how often you've served it, and if your baby reacted to it.

【免費工具App】Baby Food Diary-APP點子

- Add items to your baby's Avoided Items list for a quick look at what doesn't sit well with baby. Avoided Items can also be added automatically based on what foods you served the day your baby had a reaction.

- Create your Favorites list to quickly add baby's favorite foods to your diary.

【免費工具App】Baby Food Diary-APP點子

- Search by date to find what you served on any given day.

- Much more...

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