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**** README ****

I've received quite a lot of questions about not stopping detect mode after upgrade. Previously, the detect mode was on only when detect mode screen was on. This causes problem when some reason any other app started. So detect mode has changed to service mode, meaning it will detect no matter what app is running or screen is off.

To stop detect mode, open up status bar, and there will be button to stop. Or execute BabyListener, and there will be stop button.

I'm so sorry for causing inconvenience.


This is free (ad) version.

Only thing Baby Listener is doing is to listen for baby's cry (or any loud sound) and alert the parents by connecting voice call.

No fancy graphics.

No spectacular functions.

Just stay quiet, listen, and call.


Please do NOT stay TOO far away from your baby.

【免費生活App】Baby Listener Free-APP點子

It is just an app not a nanny.

For the better use, connect power while using it.

v2.0 update

- change detect mode to service

. It will stay in detect mode when screen is off or any other application is running.

- change in sensitivity select UI

- change in sensitivity range.

. wider range for phones' different mic sensitivity.

v2.1 update

- In detect mode, the phone will be set to silent mode.

【免費生活App】Baby Listener Free-APP點子

- Baby Listener is exited while counting down will start detect mode.

v2.2 update

- changed notification click action to stop detect mode

【免費生活App】Baby Listener Free-APP點子

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