Baby Monitor

【免費生活App】Baby Monitor-APP點子

Can Alert another phone.

Two apps in one!

1. Baby Monitor.

2. Alerter for Mom’s Phone.

【免費生活App】Baby Monitor-APP點子

This app will run on one phone next to your baby and alert another phone that is with you. (Mother)

Tap on ‘Baby’ to choose the phone to be placed next to your baby.

For the Baby’s Phone

【免費生活App】Baby Monitor-APP點子

1. Set the sound level at which the Baby Phone should be triggered.

2. Tap on ‘Start Monitoring’.

3. When triggered (when your baby or something makes a sound louder than the set decibel level) the Baby Phone will play a

lullaby (chosen by you).

【免費生活App】Baby Monitor-APP點子


Set the Baby Phone to alert another (Windows Phone OS) phone.

You can also:

【免費生活App】Baby Monitor-APP點子

Record yourself singing a lullaby, you can then use this recording song.

Select a song from a list of lullabies or from your audio collection.

Alerter for Mom: [optional]


【免費生活App】Baby Monitor-APP點子

1. Wi-Fi.

2. Both Baby’s Phone and Mother’s Phone are on the same network.

(This would work if you have a home Wi-Fi router and both phones use the same router)

3. If you have a second phone running Windows Phone OS you can have Baby’s Phone alert you

【免費生活App】Baby Monitor-APP點子

3.1. Simply tap ‘Mother’ on second phone running this app.

3.2. Enable ‘Receive alerts from Baby's phone’.

3.3. On the Baby’s Phone enable ‘Notify Mother’s phone. That’s it.

(You may optionally change the alert sound)

【免費生活App】Baby Monitor-APP點子

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