Baby Photo show wallpaper

【免費工具App】Baby Photo show wallpaper-APP點子

Baby Photo Show Wallpaper

Everytime I see the photo of My baby, my mood will become very good.

So I set his photo as wallpaper of my Android phone,each time I unlock and

use the phone, I can see his photo in wallpaper, it's a good mind.

【免費工具App】Baby Photo show wallpaper-APP點子

One week later,I want to see different photo in wallpaper each time, but it is

complicated to set the different photo as wallpaper.

So I write this program,you only need select your photo folder, and then set the start auto set button, the phone will auto set your photo as the wallpaper

for a loop.

【免費工具App】Baby Photo show wallpaper-APP點子

You also can play other photo of star that you like into one folder,and select this folder, then you can see different photo each time when you unlock and use the phone.

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