Baby Rattle: Obama Edition

【免費娛樂App】Baby Rattle: Obama Edition-APP點子

A baby rattle with real physics that helps your little one get involved in the democratic process! Shake and tap Obama's smiling face to see it bounce around the screen and hear the rattle.

Baby Rattle: Obama Edition is a limited edition baby toy Android app that teaches your baby about real physics and cause-and-effect! Get this limited edition before the election!

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- Shake the phone to see Obama's face inside the virtual rattle bounce around.

【免費娛樂App】Baby Rattle: Obama Edition-APP點子

- Tap Obama's face to send it bouncing around the screen.

【免費娛樂App】Baby Rattle: Obama Edition-APP點子

- Hear real rattle sounds and feel the vibration of the bouncing faces.

- All visuals, audio, and vibration are synchronized with your actions, so its like having a real toy!

Baby Rattle: Obama Edition is educational and entertaining! Tap in the empty space to add more faces and teach your infant about the concepts of less and more. Infants relate best to face-shaped objects, so the smiling faces make your infant feel secure. Your baby is also attracted to the contrast of the faces and background, which are easy for infants to see. App provides auditory and tactile feedback that stimulate senses and encourage active learning.

Note: This app is not a substitute for a baby sitter! Your baby should always be supervised by a responsible adult. Also, take care when allowing your baby to play with your phone! Its an expensive device, so treat it as such. We aren't responsible for damaged phones!

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