Baby Sticker!

【免費攝影App】Baby Sticker!-APP點子

Would like to use cute stickers to beautify every special moment and photos?

Would like to user cute stickers to make baby's photo special and funny?

Download "BabySticker" now, add cute and funny stickers, and share the cute photos!

【免費攝影App】Baby Sticker!-APP點子

Don't miss this useful and funny APP~

We will continue adding stickers for new characters and new situations!

【BabySticker Special】

【免費攝影App】Baby Sticker!-APP點子

1. Cute stickers of characters, designed for situations happened in any cute events and common family events!

2. Provide "Stick Note" to create cute and warm pictures from white board!

3. Cute and useful dialog stickers, designed to present many feelings of pictures and ourselves~

【免費攝影App】Baby Sticker!-APP點子

4. The final photo can be shared to Facebook or other APPs, to make your families and friends happy!

【免費攝影App】Baby Sticker!-APP點子

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免費玩Baby Sticker! App

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