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The gain weight of your baby is important because the insufficient increase can be a sign of various infringements. To gain weight the baby it is necessary at each visiting of a pediatric polyclinic because more likely that there will take notice any abnormality and will advise what to do. It is expedient to keep your own records about development of the child to be assured, that it grows normally. Dynamics of a body gain weight indexes and of a head circumference of your baby compare to average data of babies with the same weight at a birth on the nomogram of physical development . Do not worry, if development indexes of your baby do not coincide exactly with curves on charts - many deviations can be within the range (see Growth variants at infancy). If you can not find a natural explanation to an insufficient increase in gain weight of your baby, address to this app

【免費醫療App】Baby gain weight-APP點子

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