Babys First Animals

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Teach your baby their first animals with this fun shake-shake app to let them explore the different sounds from the animal kingdom. Introduce them to house cats, tropical forest monkeys, country yard horses, african hippos, farm chickens and more!


1. Start the app

2. Shake the phone to hear different animal noises.

3. Continue to shake, each time you will get a random animal!

Fun for toddlers and preschoolers of all ages and great entertainment for road trips or long plane flights. It's so easy to use, when all you have to do is shake. Your 4 month old or your 4 year old can play and learn about the different animals across the world. Teach your children and babies about their first animal noises and get them interested in the wild kingdom of nature!

Teach your little kids about animals and help them learn what sounds come from what animals. Perfect for early school training and teaching them about cute animals!

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