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With the Back2Basics app, you have instant access to Brian Brodersen's sermons, blogs and much more.

Brian has been involved in pastoral ministry for over 30 years. He has served as senior pastor of Calvary Chapel, Vista, California, and Calvary Chapel Westminster, London, England.

Brian has been extensively involved in missions and church planting in various parts of the world. He now serves at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa, California. Brian is known for his clear and challenging exposition of the Scriptures.

The Back2Basics app was created by Amped Church Inc. Find out more at

【免費生活App】Back2Basics - Brian Brodersen-APP點子

【免費生活App】Back2Basics - Brian Brodersen-APP點子

【免費生活App】Back2Basics - Brian Brodersen-APP點子

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