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An incredible new art package for making beautiful backgrounds for your Android device. Choose from over 100 colour schemes, different art types, special effects and dozens of other options. Draw on screen in full colour schemes instead of individual colours.

Background Maker Pro has a unique ability to change brush strokes that you've already draw on screen. Switch to Random mode to generate billions of beautiful images based on your last brush stroke. Tap the screen to randomise any part of your brush stroke. Change colours, add blur effects, make ghost images and gleaming trails of light!

Create artworks with neon, plasma and blur effects with a tap of your finger. Save the results to SD card or set them as your background wallpaper.


- Over 30 different Preset painting styles including clouds, foliage, star trails and freaky psychedelic effects!

- Over 100 colour schemes.

【免費生產應用App】Background Maker Pro-APP點子

- Amazing rainbow gradients.

- Incredible control over blurring and embossing effects.

- Porter-duff modes for even more special painting effects!

【免費生產應用App】Background Maker Pro-APP點子

- No ads.

- More brushes than ever!

There is no better art application available on Android - period. Try it now and be amazed at what you can do! Just check out the screen shots - each of them took less than 30 seconds to paint.

Anyone can use this application and anyone can make truly wonderful art.

Billions of combinations, endless artistic possibilities, your own unique and beautiful wallpapers...

Just touch the screen to make art anywhere!

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