Bag of Beans

【免費休閒App】Bag of Beans-APP點子

Bag of Beans is a simple but highly addictive game for all ages with no levels, no time clock or points to collect. Just flick the jelly beans off of the screen and see if you can clear them all. Great time filler when you are waiting for that next appointment. If you play it long enough you will find a special image.

On some test devices there has been instances of images being cut in half. (Maybe the androids inside my phone are eating all of the jelly beans). This does not affect game play but I am looking into the issue and will issue an update as soon as I can get it fixed.

Keywords - jelly bean, androids, nyandroids, tardus, jandycane.

【免費休閒App】Bag of Beans-APP點子

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免費玩Bag of Beans App

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