Balancing Ball

【免費動作App】Balancing Ball-APP點子

Latest balancing ball game is entertaining game for all age groups. Balancing game is a challenging game that controlled by tilting device. Balancing game is using accurate physics and mind blowing graphics, which gives the game behavior very naturally. Balancing ball is following the latest concept of gaming. You have to play with ball by tilting device and place the ball on the target, be carefully avoided to bust with the evil or devil balls. Many level and two different modes to game play and accept new challenges. You will be addictive of balancing ball once you start play. Score will be posted globally so you can challenge to your friends.

Features of balancing game:

【免費動作App】Balancing Ball-APP點子

Timer game mode makes much exciting game play.

Realistic physics like gravity and acceleration.

【免費動作App】Balancing Ball-APP點子

Tilting device in game play make simple handling.

Challenging levels to game play.

【免費動作App】Balancing Ball-APP點子

Global score submission and challenge to your friends.

Very addictive game, once you start play.

【免費動作App】Balancing Ball-APP點子

More entertaining.

Nice music in game play.

【免費動作App】Balancing Ball-APP點子

Awesome interface and high resolution.

Download Balancing ball now and have fun with exciting game play.

【免費動作App】Balancing Ball-APP點子

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