Ball Adventure

【免費冒險App】Ball Adventure-APP點子

This is an adventure game where you will have to get past different obstacles along the way to complete your journey.

【免費冒險App】Ball Adventure-APP點子

The Ball easily gets punctured when colliding with sharp objects along your way. It’ll take quick thinking and some nifty ball control skills to guide the ball safely through, skipping past spikes, thorns, deadly spiders, razor blades, TNT, death rays, collecting an energy ball on the way to finish the level.


【免費冒險App】Ball Adventure-APP點子

- Beautiful graphics

【免費冒險App】Ball Adventure-APP點子

- Realistic physics

【免費冒險App】Ball Adventure-APP點子

- Stunning gameplay

【免費冒險App】Ball Adventure-APP點子

- Awesome Background Music

【免費冒險App】Ball Adventure-APP點子

- Great Sound Effects

Tip - Collect 35 coins to gain extra life.

Note: This is a demo version of the game. If you want your adventure to continue, let us know.


- Smartphones and tablets running Android 4.0 or later

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