Ball Quest

【免費街機App】Ball Quest-APP點子

Hop hop hop! Get the ball to the basket! Easy and very addictive true physics enabled game has become very popular, and is awaiting for you to try your skills too. It has already earned 5/5 star reviews!

Quest is simple - goal is to guide the ball to it's basket. You must avoid all the obstacles, and down the road collect as many stars as possible. Each star extends the time - giving you higher score. Try to complete the levels to play new ones and unlock new worlds. More worlds = more fun!

Features include:

- 5 worlds

【免費街機App】Ball Quest-APP點子

- various obstacles, spikes, sponges, trampoline's, boxes, mushrooms etc

- collect punching gloves and stars

【免費街機App】Ball Quest-APP點子

- destroy boxes

- stunning graphics

【免費街機App】Ball Quest-APP點子

- tilt controls

- incredible physics

Here's a free hint for you: Save your punching gloves for rainy days!

How to play:

【免費街機App】Ball Quest-APP點子

Tile left or tight to make the ball move in that direction. Tap the punching glove to make your ball hop!

Happy Hopping!!

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