Balls, Then Hats

【免費街機App】Balls, Then Hats-APP點子

This game is air hockey meets the top-down shooter. Instead of shooting, you bump into enemies to convert them into allies, which you can use to bump still others for a higher score.

There are two game modes: mission and marathon. The mission mode is three levels (balls) with three bosses (hats). Each level is only about thirty seconds long, but it's pretty difficult. There is an easy mode you can activate after passing the first level.

In marathon mode (just balls), you play for a high score, but getting a high score in mission mode feels much more rewarding.

The game has no story, but it does have a theme. Unfortunately, the theme is somewhat political. It only becomes apparent if you finish the game or pause during a boss fight.

There is no music, but there is "music."

This game is designed to be played with the tip of the thumb on the bottom half of the phone, as if it's a trackpad. Tap the top of the screen to pause. Tilt left or right to (slowly) lead your allies.

【免費街機App】Balls, Then Hats-APP點子

【免費街機App】Balls, Then Hats-APP點子

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