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Bank Investment Consultant is the leading information source for the retail banking channel. Bank Investment Consultant’s comprehensive suite of products – magazine, website, e-newsletters, iPad, iPhone, mobile edition, web seminars, research and custom publishing - provides the sales and marketing strategies bank executives and advisors need to generate more assets and better serve their clients.

The NEW Bank Investment Consultant APP features:

- Expert advice to help advisors build their business

- Information and analysis to keep advisors up-to-date on critical information

- Current and past issues of Bank Investment Consultant

【免費財經App】Bank Investment Consultant-APP點子

- Streaming video

- Searchable archive

- The ability to clip and save stories

- The ability to easily e-mail content to colleagues

【免費財經App】Bank Investment Consultant-APP點子

- The ability to share content through Facebook and Twitter

Bank Investment Consultant covers the subjects that matter most to bank brokerage advisors including;

Feature articles and in-depth analysis of the state of the industry, compliance and regulatory changes and best practices for retail bank brokerage advisors. The latest trends and expert advice in the areas of wealth management, business building strategies, asset management, client-facing challenges, ideas for attracting new clients, client retention, client referrals, tax planning, investment products, investment ideas, productivity, high net worth clients and compensation.


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