Bank Robber

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What does a man do when he wants a lot of money without working? Right! He robs a bank! We are glad to offer you the Bank Robber game where you need to show your smartness, cunning and logic! Try to open the bank's door using a few picklocks and get all the money! This puzzle will be interesting for both children and adults!

HOW TO PLAY: use arrows to move your picklock from side to side. When you open the door there will be a indicative flip. Do all your best to open it and start trying just now!

Bank Robber Features:

【免費模擬App】Bank Robber-APP點子

- Engaging puzzle game for kids and adults!

- Develops agility!

- Realistic 3D graphics - a realistic keyhole!

【免費模擬App】Bank Robber-APP點子

- Amazing sounds!

Are you cunning and adroit enough to rob a bank? Let's check it with the Bank Robber game!

【免費模擬App】Bank Robber-APP點子

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