Use your Windows Phone as real Old Barometer. Temperature display, felt temperature, air humidity, wind speed and more...

Showing weather data:

-huge analog, antique styled Barometer with pointer

-additional digital display

-Shows the name of the weather station resp. town

-Temperature in °C or °F

-felt temperature

-humidity in %

-Wind speed

-Date + time of the weather data

-Data: Internet, online (a few bytes only)

-New: Speech the weather informations


-New: Livetile for WP7 and WP8

-New: save 4 Cities


-4x Cities (manually or per GPS)

-Temperature in °C or °F

-Barometer in mb, hPa, Torr, psi or inchHg

-Wind speed in km/h, MPH, kn, m/s, Bft

-Headache Indicator

-Live Tile on/off

More features:

-update-button for the data


-Doubleclick on Barometer: Pointer moves a bit towards the air pressure tendency (like a real analog Barometer)

-Animation at snow and ice

-Live Tile (only optimal for Windows Phone 8)



-Settings, Info



-Pollen (only Germany)

-4 Day Preview

-Thunderstorm calculation (Range)

-Precipitation (only Germany)


-Barometer History

-Ice Preview


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