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Do you love Baseball? Do you love the stats, stories and history? Do you love lists, facts and trivia? This app is simply a collection of great lists, articles and facts that will interest any baseball fan. There is tons of information to read and enjoy! Data and stats were updated after the 2012 season.

DiMaggio's 56 Game Hit Streak

50 Home Run Season Trivia

Managers - More Wins than Losses

Team Attendance Records

Hall of Fame Vote Percentage

Rookies of the Year

【免費運動App】Baseball Lists-APP點子

Greatest Moments in Baseball History

Birthplace of Baseball Players

Career Intentional Walks

Career Extra Base Hits

College World Series Champions

Best Players not in The Hall of Fame

【免費運動App】Baseball Lists-APP點子

Ways to Get on Base Without a Hit

Did You Know.....

Single-Season On-Base Percentage

Career Save Leaders

Why Do We Love Baseball?

Triple Crown Winners

......and much much more

【免費運動App】Baseball Lists-APP點子

Updates added frequently... more lists and articles added regularly...

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【免費運動App】Baseball Lists-APP點子

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