Bass Level Booster

【免費音樂App】Bass Level Booster-APP點子

Do you really like listening to the music at maximum volume? Want your phone sound volume be as loud as possible So, this bass booster pro free app was made exactly for you - Bass Level Booster - increase bass sound fast and easy!

No more difficult bass boosters and booster volume with complicated menu and a lot of unnecessary options. With Bass Level Booster easy bass free app everything you need is to control boost level and volume using simple sliders. Also, you can check your volume quality using one the three testing sounds. Tap big sound button and make the best bass sound. Easy increase volume sound booster always can be with you, right in your pocket! You must check it out - Bass Level Booster - bass system free app.

Bass Level Booster features:

【免費音樂App】Bass Level Booster-APP點子

- Possibility to make volume louder

- Bass booster and bass tester in one app

- Sound equalizer addition

【免費音樂App】Bass Level Booster-APP點子

- Simple and stylish interface

Boost bass sound and enjoy music now using this easy bass booster free app. And don't forget to share this Bass Level Booster for music with your friends!

【免費音樂App】Bass Level Booster-APP點子

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