Bat Girl Adventure

【免費冒險App】Bat Girl Adventure-APP點子

Download and Start playing and Discover now this surprise competition with your family and childs the Bat Girl Adventure and challenge your friends by getting the highest and best scores of achievements , it isn't simple, but by against its professional, adventurous, Enjoyable, and suitable to kids, adolescent and adult!

* you will enjoy it if you love gravity speed adventure girls game

* This game will remind you of baseball, one of the best games ever of a ball game played between two teams of nine on a field with a diamond-shaped circuit of four bases

* Enjoy the fun of one of the best platform games ever.

* This fun and amazing adventure game is better than ever and will surely be what you are looking for.

* This retro-gaming classic will turn your gameplay - loving heart on end!

the prowess Bat Girl Adventure will surprise you, is a classical platformer with awesome HD graphics, If you miss the good old gameboy of baseball Bat Girl, so this is what you´re looking for, This will make you remember great times and have a great time while playing it.

Sina the athlete is one of the highly advanced amazing athlete bat girl, developed to keep peace between the two worlds, the up and the down world.

feel like an athletic and Help her make it through his final challenge by flipping gravity.

Features just one simple control.

Touch the screen to flip gravity.

Features just one simple control!

So be brave and capable to win with high score, share your achievements with your friends, win with the highest score, and shows that you are the best!

✔ Available for all android device.

✔ 100% FREE

✔ Excellent graphics

✔ Available for everyone : child, adolescent, or adult

✔ Awesome Levels of fun available

✔ challenge speed adventure

【免費冒險App】Bat Girl Adventure-APP點子

✔ Power ups and magic options

✔ Gorgeous theme inspired graphics and music

✔ Difficulty levels to master

✔ Realistic representative physics

✔ More chapters coming soon!

✔ Accurate controls and super smooth gameplay

✔ Great replay value

✔ Breathtaking visual effects

✔ heavenly adventure experiment

✔ funny race stuff

✔ different item available

✔ Isn't customized, this game is for everyone

✔ adventurous velocity environment

✔ bat baseball graphics

✔ courage environment

【免費冒險App】Bat Girl Adventure-APP點子

✔ girl player

Be happy and have more fun !

Download Bat Girl Adventure now and start playing this amazing game!

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