Battery GT - Sound and Action

【免費工具App】Battery GT - Sound and Action-APP點子


"...monitoring your battery is now FUN!"


Battery GT makes battery monitoring fun with realistic sounds and action. Why not be entertained while you check your battery life expectations? Battery GT provides device specific estimations on the length of time you can use your battery based on the target application. The data is specific to the type of device making it more accurate.

Battery monitoring can be fun!

Battery GToffers infinite color possibilities through an easy to use on-screen touch interface.

Battery GT Key Features:

-Battery Level Indication using a sports car tachometer style gauge with full animation

-Realistic sounds and actions from the automotive style gauges

【免費工具App】Battery GT - Sound and Action-APP點子

-Digital Clock

-Color completely configurable to thousands of possibilities! (see instructions below)

-Standby time (No applications running, just waiting for a call)

-2G/3G Internet Usage (Based in standard internet usage profiles)

-WiFi Internet Usage (Based on WiFi power-save and data profile)

-Video Playback (For Videos, Movies, and YouTube use profiles)

-Music Playback (This is for iPod music playback)

-2G/3G Talk (This for 2G and 3G phone conversations)

-Special What-If Mode where you set your battery percentage to any level and see the application durations based on the "what-if" battery level. To enter this mode see "what-if" instructions below.

Battery GT also features enhanced graphics and a color palette that is easy on the eyes in low light, yet sunlight viewable.

【免費工具App】Battery GT - Sound and Action-APP點子


1. All times displayed are in Time, formatted as Hours : Minutes : Seconds. If there are no Hours, the Hours will be omitted.

2. Battery GT reads your battery level and calculates the expected battery life based on the current energy storage in your battery on a per-application basis. i.e. your device consumes more power while you watch a Video, as opposed to listening to Music, so in some situations you would choose to listen to Music instead of watch a Movie to preserve enough battery life to use your device for communications before the next recharge opportunity.

3. To enable the "what-if" Demo battery mode, where you can set your battery to any percentage charge level, simply double-touch in the Dial Gauge, or select Demo Mode on the Settings Page.. Then slide your finger from top to bottom of the automotive gauge, changing the battery level from the real level, to the "what-if" level.

4. To disable "what-if" Demo mode, simply triple-touch the Battery image or press the Demo Mode button on the Settings page.

5. To change the color:

a. Tap the green LED labeled "Color", a color bar will appear.

b. Slide finger along color bar until desired color is achieved

c. Touch anywhere else on the screen to save new color

d. To reset the color, just slide to the bottom of the color bar and select the original color.

【免費工具App】Battery GT - Sound and Action-APP點子

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【免費工具App】Battery GT - Sound and Action-APP點子

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