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【免費工具App】Battery Info Widget-APP點子

Battery Widget show exact status of the battery via stylish widget and allow user to quickly adjust screen contrast and turn on and of wifi, gps, bluetooth. Thats why widget request some of the controls during installation. User also able to activate Power Save Setup function doing manual or automatic configuration - as soon as its activated application will automatically change screen brightness and/or deactivate wi-fi dependable on battery charge level

To add widget on your screen go Menu -> Add -> Widgets -> Battery Info Widget

【免費工具App】Battery Info Widget-APP點子

While your phone is connected to charger this battery widget will do "smart training" of the battery and also alert you when battery is charged up to 100% - both this things will do life of your battery much longer!

Kindly ask you to email me in case you want additional functionality or found any bugs.

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【免費工具App】Battery Info Widget-APP點子

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