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Battery Reel Info is what you can consider a most have application to get reel and certain informations about you battery stat .

And before you tray a battery saver application to get some juice from your battery , you should first know if the battery is free from any issues or low voltage ..etc

How Does it work ?

✓ Battery Reel Info is simple, after you get it on your device , phone or tablette , it will automatically detect your Battery usage ,Temperature ,Health , but the most important , it will give you the exact battery voltage and also the battery Technology ( Li-ion...etc)

✓ So basically Battery Reel Info will help to get rid of any suspicion about your battery information , and keep you inform always about your phone's battery voltage and temperature .

✓ Also Battery Reel Info monitors the device battery drainage in fixed time stamp and notifies whether power saving is option or mandatory.

✓ Very simple-light application,still it's an useful tool to better know your battery

【免費工具App】Battery Reel Info-APP點子

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【免費工具App】Battery Reel Info-APP點子

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