Battery Stretch

【免費工具App】Battery Stretch-APP點子

Tired of your battery dying on your Android phone?

Extend your battery life with Battery Stretch for Android, the best battery saver available.

Battery Stretch extends your battery life by intelligently managing data connections which often use up your battery when you're not even using your phone. It saves battery by turning these off when you're not using your phone.

*Quick setup wizard easy setup

*Mobile data toggle automation when you turn your screen off

*Sync windows to allow for emails, Facebook and Twitter updates, etc.

*WiFi toggle automation + auto-disabling option

【免費工具App】Battery Stretch-APP點子

*Connectivity sleep scheduling

*Battery history graphs to show usage over time

*Full activity log

*3 home screen widgets to help manage connectivity

【免費工具App】Battery Stretch-APP點子

*Easy and intuitive user interface

*Misc Battery saver settings

Battery Stretch is a powerful, yet easy to use Battery Manager App similar to Juice Defender and others.

It is a battery saver that works by intelligently managing data, like 3G connectivity and WiFi, which drain your

battery.The app works quietly in the background meaning you can just turn it on, and enjoy the

benefits of longer battery life without having to worry.

How does it work?

At it's most

【免費工具App】Battery Stretch-APP點子

basic, the app works by automatically turning off your data connectivity when you turn your screen

off. This can be just your mobile data, or your wifi too. For example, having your wifi constantly enabled,

means that your phone if regularly checking whether there is a valid wifi network that it can

connect to which can use up a lot of battery - this is often unnecessary if you are away from your home

【免費工具App】Battery Stretch-APP點子

or work network. Battery Stretch can also decide whether to leave wifi

enabled depending on whether you have managed to successfully connect to a wireless


What about my emails?

Battery Stretch provides the option of regular scheduled windows (See Sync Windows in settings) to allow data so that you don't have to worry about missing

emails, or important Twitter or Facebook updates!

IMPORTANT - Please ensure that you have

【免費工具App】Battery Stretch-APP點子

enabled data BEFORE UNINSTALLING this application

【免費工具App】Battery Stretch-APP點子

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